Monday, October 12, 2015

Open edX Conference 2015: Cultivating creativity through projects, peers, passion, play

By Ramón Talavera-Franco
Dr. Mitch Resnick, director of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the Media Laboratory at MIT was the 2015 Open edX Conference keynote speaker. During his conference, Dr. Resnick argued that schools do not teach children to think creatively to be able to face XXI century demands such as adaptability to new situations, confronting uncertainty, and becoming creative thinkers. In order to cultivate creativity in the learning process, Dr. Resnick designed a 4p's framework that explores how a learner learns from projects, peers, passion, and play.
Dr. Resnick explained that his framework was first used in a programming language and online community called Scratch. Scratch designed is focused on engaging children in creative learning experiences. By applying Resnick’s 4p's framework in Scratch, children are able not only to create their own projects based on their own interests, but explore their passions, play (defined by Resnick as experimenting, trying new thing, and taking risk), and showcase their projects in the scratch online environment to collaborate with other children and receive feedback.

The success of the 4p's framework applied in Scratch, motivated Dr. Resnick to use this framework to design an online version of his Learning Creative Learning course--that he has been teaching for the last fifteen years at the MIT Media Lab.

Learning Creative Learning MOOC promotes the 4p's by including project based learning activities that must be documented and shared online, engaging in weekly hangout conversations with back channel chats, encouraging people to form small groups (face-to-face or virtual), and building community by encouraging participants to load a video that talks about themselves.

According to Dr. Resnick, the course is an experiment and he and his team are still learning from it. However, the 4p's cultivate creativity from projects, peers, passion, and play, and promotes a different way to learn from a MOOC. To learn more about Dr. Resnick 4 p's framework, and lessons learned from the Learning Creative Learning MOOC, visit the following link

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